Community Resource List

Global Education Community Resources

Columbia Friends of China

Columbia Friends of China promotes “cultural, business, technological and educational exchange between Columbia, Missouri and Laoshan, Shandong Province, People’s Republic of China.” The organization regularly hosts cultural events, including a delicious dumpling festival! They also visit schools.


The Islamic Center of Central Missouri

“The Islamic Center welcomes visitors at all times in order to foster a culture of tolerance and understanding in central Missouri. The prayer times in particular, are excellent times to visit the center in order to meet local Muslims and observe Muslims worship. If you do plan a visit to the Islamic Center, please keep in mind to dress modestly (long pants and long sleeved shirts are a good rule of thumb) and be sensitive to Islamic customs. At all times, feel free to contact the outreach officer at to schedule a group visit or clear any doubts about visiting.” The ICCM also arranges for guest speakers and hosts community open house events.


University of Missouri International Students’ Association

“The International Center facilitates all things international at the University of Missouri. We raise international awareness and foster dialogue on critical world issues.”  The International Center website also includes links to more than 30 different student cultural organizations, representing international students from Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and more! Many would be happy to organize a classroom visit to share their cultures with students.


University of Missouri’s Museum of Art and Archaeology

The Museum of Art and Archaeology includes art and artifacts from around the world. Their education programs help make art and history engaging.


The Missouri Geographic Alliance

“The Missouri Geographic Alliance (MGA) is a grassroots network of Missouri elementary and secondary educators, university instructors, geography professionals, and concerned citizens dedicated to the advancement of geographic literacy in the state of Missouri.” Perhaps best of all, the MGA offers support, maps, and learning opportunities for teachers and students.


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